Startup Nations Summit Group Photo

UCC hosts Startup Nations summit unconference.

Unconference at University College Cork

Friday the 18th of November brought the second day of the StartUp Nations Summit in Cork. Delegates made their way to University College Cork for 10.00 am. After a group photo was taken on the college campus, the delegates assembled in the Blackstone Launchpad, part of the Universities library. Here, the delegates from over 50 nations were invited to take part in an unconference led by the Global Entrepreneurship and the Kauffman foundation. The informal conference encouraged the debate and discussion of entrepreneurial ecosystems, challenges and featured topics of entrepreneur education, partnerships and attracting investment.


UnconferenceThe unconference allowed the informal exchange of information and ideas between the delegates. The special conference was divided into two sessions running parallel to each other where all attending were invited to participate. The event was a definite success in which delegates openly discussed the burning policy questions of working across borders and access to funding. Delegates were given the opportunity to find connections with others. It encouraged thinking across domains previously not in conversation. Following the unconference delegates were treated to a networking lunch in University College Cork and given the opportunity to discuss the topics further with attending participants. Though the Irish weather lived up to its stereotype, it did not dampen the mood of those in attendance. Following the unconference, some delegates braved the weather and availed of a campus tour of the University.