Seeking Submissions for the Startup Nations Atlas of Policies

Are you an entrepreneurial ecosystem stakeholder? Do you want to share your story about how you champion your ecosystem? 

Global Entrepreneurship Week

What is SNAP?

The Startup Nations Atlas of Policies (SNAP) is the first-ever global compendium of policies and programs. An initiative of Startup Nations, a collection of startup savvy policymakers representing more than 60 countries, SNAP will help communities, cities and countries around the world capitalize on existing knowledge and current policy experimentation – creating policy environments that empower entrepreneurs, drive innovation and stimulate economic growth.

SNAP will be formally launched at the Startup Nations Summit in Cork, at the end of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW).

Who can submit entries?

Startup Nations invite policy experts, government officials, public sector program leaders, and members of the Startup Nations policy network to share their policy knowledge and experience to SNAP.

Startup Nations LogoWho are Startup Nations?

Startup Nations (SN) is network and platform dedicated to identifying policy levers that can unleash high impact entrepreneurship and innovation. The network is made up of “startup savvy” policy advisers focused on exploring different regulatory changes and other policy and public sector programs to help accelerate new and young firm formation in their economies.

How Can I Submit?

To submit your entry or to get more information, visit