Pitch Perfect

You’ve put the hours in, you’ve perfected your business plan and the website is finally up-and-running. The hard work is over, right? Well, not exactly!

Now you have the small task of delivering the perfect pitch to secure funding and services to get you going. Hopefully we here at Cork Innovates can help!


1. Do your Homework

1Research, research, research. Be prepared for questions, there’s going to be a lot! Make yourself aware of the competition, industry positioning, potential customers and of course the specific interests of those who you are speaking to.

Investors will respect and have confidence in somebody who can speak with authority on their chosen topic.

2. Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Showcase the benefit of your innovation in a clear, quantified business case. Show them that you have considered alternatives and justify why you have chosen this method. If it makes sense to you, make sure it makes sense to them too.

If you really want to win, bring a customer or somebody who is particularly interested in your future business. A letter of intent might also do the trick to prove there is demand.

3. State the Facts

3Be specific and fact based, list your recommendations in a language your audience will understand – focusing on return on investment (ROI). Give them as much evidence as you can that your ida will take off. Ensure you have met all deadlines and share growth and successes you have achieved on the way.

These statistics speak volumes. They not only show consistently, but that you’re successfully keeping track of your journey, in an effort to improve on each month’s targets.

4. Let your Passion Shine Through

Blood, sweat and tears have gone into this idea, this is your baby! Now you have to make them fall in love with it too. Speak from the heart – why does this startup mean so much to you?

Be sure to look them in the eye, maintaining steady eye contact is a sign of trustworthiness. Even better, you can keep tabs on everyone and make sure they’re listening!

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Remember all those pesky presentations in school? Now’s the time to put that practice to good use! Providing visual slides and presentation material is a plus, especially if you have video of your proposed ides. It’s engaging and will explain a lot, in an effective way.

Stick to the point – the fact that you have a pitching opportunity is a blessing in itself, don’t waste it. Investors and senior leaders have very little time to spare – make providing you with their valuable time so make your point persuasive and concise.