Darren Hayes | DARE Technology

Tell us a bit about yourself your startup.


My name is Darren Hayes, I have a Masters Degree in Marine Renewable Energy from University College Cork and several years experience in Renewable Energy industry, in both offshore wind & tidal energy.


In these roles, I was responsible for a wide range of activities from project development, front end engineering design, technology development, project construction, marine operations, and marine energy device testing in live environments. I’m now happily working on a team of three, at DARE Technology in Cork.


DARE Technology is an innovative Irish company who specialise in the development of renewable energy technology. We have developed a unique crane based wind turbine called the Hi-GEN.


In short, the Hi-GEN:

  • is a portable wind turbine for commercial ships
  • utilises the existing ships crane as the turbine mast
  • aims to replace the diesel generator during times the vessel is stationary


Since August 2015, DARE Technology has been operating from the incubation space at the IMERC facility in Ringaskiddy, Cork. We have a full time staff of 3 people, and one part time.



What is your vision for Dare Technology?


Our vision is to build a smart engineering company that develops market ready renewable energy technology, that is quick and easy to implement. Our first step in achieving this is the development of our Hi-GEN wind turbine. We want to see the Hi-GEN wind Turbine at use on ships in every port and harbour across Europe.


What have been your biggest hurdles as entrepreneurs, and how did you get over them? 


Developing technology is not cheap, and access to funding has always been the biggest challenge for us. We overcome this hurdle by combining funds raised through available supports with revenue we generate, and reinvest from engineering consultancy work.


What are your views on entrepreneurship in Cork? 

After working all over the world, we’re proud to come home to develop our business and technology in Cork. Cork is historically a major port, a forward looking community with a deep routed connection to the sea.

Not only is it one of the world’s largest natural harbours, and HQ of the Irish Navy, it has recently become home to one of the largest marine energy research centres in Europe, and the first maritime incubator in the world.


What motivates you – in other words – why do you do what you do? 

We’re motivated because at DARE we get to combine our three of our passions– engineering, renewable energy and new technology while trying to make a difference.