Top 5: Cork’s Startup Stories

Cork has become a vibrant hub of startup activity in the last number of years, and we at Cork Innovates are all for it!

From technology to healthcare to security, Cork has an army of innovators taking the rebel county to the next level. Take a look at our top 5 startup success stories to date, all thanks to our lovely friends over at TechIreland.


1. Pundit Arena
Pundit Arena: A Cork Media StartupAn alumnus of UCC’S Ignite Incubator Program, Pundit Arena allow anybody to become a sports journalist, by providing a publishing platform that’s open to all.

Pundit Arena (PA) enables bloggers, fans and enthusiasts to earn money by writing about the sports they love. These ‘pundits’ cover topics they are passionate about, and submit their content through the PA platform.

In this way, PA delivers unique, varied and thought-provoking content to sports fans from sports fans.

2. TeamWork

Teamwork: A Cork Tech Startup

The premise is simple; have less meetings and get more work done.

Based in the North Point Business ParkTeamwork, enhances the collaborative project projects. Each member of the project will know what they have to do, when it must be done and who needs to do it. Best of all? Clients will also be more in-the-know, with their own access to the project platform.

3. Vearsa

Vearsa: A Cork ePublishing StartupPassionate about sharing stories, Vearsa aims to connect publishers and readers all around the world. Vearsa is tapping into the e-book market, matching storytelling with smart technology. Digital presents a huge opportunity for publishers to expand their reach, with Vearsa facilitating and expanding this audience reach, globally. They provide e-book distribution, sophisticated analytics as well as print-to-digital conversion services. Vearsa’s team is award-winning, with headquarters in the National Software Centre.


4. TrustevTrustev: A Cork Cybersecurity Startup

With beautiful offices in the Airport Business Park, Trustev is focused on dramatically reducing the cost of fraud, the cost of policing fraud, while also maximizing revenue. It’s good for the company and the consumer.

Put simply, Trustev offers a sophisticated and thorough fraud protection service, for websites that accept credit card payments. It goes well beyond verifying the payment method being used, by validating the individual making the transaction.

5. GoCambio

Go Cambio: A Cork Travel StartupBased in Youghal, Go Cambio connects guests and hosts globally in an effort to make the world that little bit smaller. They offer a unique travelling experience in which hosts open up their homes and spare rooms to visitors from around the world.

Guests offer their skills and seek to teach their hosts something new – such as a second language, or how to make that perfect cake. In exchange, hosts provide unique accommodation for free. It’s a win-win.

The highlight? Go Cambio’s service and platform is completely free to use, no hidden charges and no catches.