Board Excellence Ireland (BEI) has just launched and is focused on supporting and enabling boards & individual directors to excel in effectiveness, performance and corporate governance.

BEI have developed a range of programmes for boards and directors in not-for-profits, companies and public bodies which incorporate leading international best practices in effectiveness, performance and corporate governance combined with practical guidance from experienced leaders in the boardroom (chairman, non-executive directors and executive directors) on addressing key challenges and building a high-quality effective board.

Board Excellence Ireland is led by Kieran Moynihan, an experienced Chairman and leading thinker in the area of board dynamics and performance. Kieran has over 18 years experience serving on boards as a CEO executive director, non-executive director and Chairman. Kieran has written and presented extensively on the unique challenges of achieving a high-performance board of directors.

Board Excellence Ireland’s initial training workshops for board directors of companies and not-for-profits are scheduled for Friday 21st October and Wednesday 16th November in the River Lee hotel in Cork city (9.15 am – 12.15 pm). This is a highly practical workshop focusing on a board director’s formal responsibilities based on the latest company legislation & charity governance code combined with development of the skills to be a high-quality effective board director.


This programme provides an overview of key trends in board effectiveness, performance and corporate governance. Utilising a Board Effectiveness & Performance Model, practical guidance is provided on how board directors can individually and collectively optimise their effectiveness and performance.

This programme works closely with board members to establish a strong foundation on which to assess the current strengths and weaknesses of the board and uses this to drive a measurable plan of sustained improvement.

This practical training programme covers general director areas as well as specific areas for non-executive, CEO/executive and chairman directors. At the core of this programme is the BEI Director Effectiveness model which provides a framework to support a director’s development and contribution as a high-quality valued board member.

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