Cork Innovates Promotes Irish Entrepreneurs in NYC

Entrepreneurship initiative, Cork Innovates has promoted the work of Irish entrepreneurs, particularly, women in business, in New York.

DC-240714-FINN-01-759x500Cork County Mayor, Cllr Alan Coleman, the ‘positive economist’ and 2014 inBusiness inCork Showcase Moderator, Susan Hayes, and IDME founder, Dee O’Leary accompanied Siobhan Finn, Executive Director of Cork innovates. The group met with a number of relevant Irish American Organisation leaders, influencers and stakeholders, during the visit.

“Irish firms currently employ approximately 120,000 people across all 50 US states, collectively US companies have US $204b in foreign direct investment in Ireland. The US market is one of Ireland’s most important economic relationships,” said Siobhan Finn, Executive Director, Cork innovates.

“This trip was about building on the existing relationships which exist and promoting the Cork entrepreneurial spirit through alignment with organisations that focus on entrepreneurship support and engagement,” says Siobhan Finn

CorkInnovatesINME_largeAs part of the trip, the group attended the Leading Women Entrepreneurs Annual Awards Event in New Jersey where former Cork innovates bursary winner, Dee O’Leary of IDME was named as Global Leading Women Entrepreneur Recipient. “I was delighted to have been selected for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. My experience in the USA has been invaluable”, says Dee O’Leary. “I have made contacts with a number of people from organisations including New York Digital Irish and the Irish International Business Network that will no doubt help my business expand into the US market”.

Dee O’Leary was selected to travel to the USA in July 2014 following her successful pitch to a panel of US delegates at the Thought Leadership Session led by Cork innovates in Cork.

All of this was only possible as a result of the ongoing commitment of Cork Innovates to the Cork entrepreneurial community – Dee O’leary